The path to becoming a great web designer is essentially the same as the path to greatness in any other category. You have to actually do it over and over again, and work at it, and even fail a few times. Honestly, the more times the better when you can recognize what went wrong and know enough to correct for it in the future.

You bring a little bit of every project with you when you start a new endeavor. You think to yourself “I really like how that worked there, maybe I can do something similar there. If I tweak this thing it make this project that much closer to my goals.” Just like the projects that you are working on, you are iterating on yourself, you knowledge and workflow becoming exponentially better as you continue.

Discouragement is an easy thing to fall into. Imposter syndrome is practically a requirement of this industry. There are always going to be studios and people that are doing incredible things that seem out of reach. However, the more you work at it and the further down the rabbit hole you get, you start to find that everyone is on the same path that you are. We’re all working to better ourselves and hone our craft. And make no mistake, the work that we do is a craft.

The best way to become a great web designer is to never stop trying to be a great web designer. Read as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. Do as much as you can.